BRIGHTS (£1.40 per kg)

  • EPDM Blue Grey 25kg Bag

    20 EPDM Blue Grey 25kg Bag

  • EPDM Turquoise 25kg Bag

    21 EPDM Turquoise 25kg Bag

  • SPECIALS (£1.40 per kg)

  • EPDM Pink 25kg Bag

    14 EPDM Pink 25kg Bag

  • STANDARDS (£1.40 per kg)

  • EPDM Light Grey 25kg Bag

    12 EPDM Light Grey 25kg Bag

  • EPDM Ivory/Eggshell 25kg Bag

    13 EPDM Ivory/Eggshell 25kg Bag

  • BLACKS (£0.48 per kg)

  • EPDM 1-3 mm Black 25kg Bag

    22 EPDM 1-3 mm Black 25kg Bag

In 22 vibrant colours, a Miroad EPDM wetpour surface offers the ultimate safety surface for play, sport and leisure installations. The wide colour range can be used to create designs within the surface, to enhance play value and maximise visual appeal.

  • In stock now in 25kg bags/1 tonne palettes for immediate delivery
  • All colours peroxide cured for superior colour stability and UV resistance
  • High polymer content for extra durability
  • Exceptionally competitive pricing
  • One stop shop service with SBR base and PU binder also available


Our Rubber Kerb Edging (see below) makes an ideal border for this product.

Call us for samples, installation advice, Critical Fall Height advice and costs. We can help you calculate the quantities needed, and can arrange installation if required.

EPDM Installed

Rubber Kerb Edging and Caps

Soft and safe Rubber Kerb Edging also available from £13.00 per linear metre in black, red and green.

Click here for details.

Rubber Kerb Edging


Surfacing options – pros and cons

Colour transfer and marking

While EPDM granulate is a more expensive surfacing option, it is a fully pigmented product with no colour wear or risk of marking/transfer.


All PU binder from any manufacturer will change colour/yellow over time. This is normal and inherent to the product. As you would expect, the yellowing effect is more noticeable when used with light colours of EPDM.

For PU binder click here.
For SBR base click here.

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