• D4861 Rubber Crumb Binder Accelerator 1kg

    D4861 Rubber Crumb Binder Accelerator 1kg

  • PU3922 Primer Natural 25kg

    PU3922 Primer Natural 25kg

  • D4860 Stone Binder Coating Accelerator 1kg

    D4860 Stone Binder Coating Accelerator 1kg

  • PU Binder 25kg Standard

    PU Binder 25kg Standard


Miroad are distributors for Leesons Polyurethanes (R) market-leading binder systems for rubber crumb, rubber mulch and stone.

  •          Non-hazardous, fast curing, flexible, solvent free PU binders
  •          Winter and summer grades. 
  •          Non yellowing (aliphatic) also available
  •          Primers for concrete substrates
  •          Accelerators for faster cure time at low temperatures

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Leesons Polyurethanes Ltd has been awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise in 2019.

Wet pour




All PU binder from any manufacturer will change colour/yellow over time. This is normal and inherent to the product. As you would expect, the yellowing effect is more noticeable when used with light colours of EPDM. If this is an issue, we offer an aliphatic non-yellowing binder at a higher cost than standard quality.

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